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As an association, it is our intention to build community and ensure our neighborhood is a safe, vibrant, and inclusive environment for all. This website serves as an entry point for new community members as well as a source of information for those residing and operating businesses within the WCN boundaries.

The boundaries of WCN: Wissahickon to Wayne, Rittenhouse Street to Woodlawn, and a few other angles.

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As an association we focus on:

Community Building

Connecting neighbors with one another to cultivate a thriving community.

Historic Preservation

Preserving the unique character and heritage of Germantown.

City Connections

Cooperating with other similar organizations in the City of Philadelphia.

Community Development

Providing a medium for identifying and developing community interests.

Our Committees

WCN holds space for two types of committees: standing and ad hoc. Standing committees are required to be chaired by a member of the board, while ad hoc committees seek to support the interests and initiatives of individuals and groups in the neighborhood that will help fulfill the purposes of the Association.

Board Development

Responsible for conducting Board elections, maintaining and revising the Association by-laws, filling vacancies, recommending and maintaining appropriate insurance coverage, and other necessary duties.


Responsible for providing oversight for the Association’s finances, including developing financial policies and procedures, developing annual budgets, and preparing and submitting all financial reports and filings.

Communications and Outreach

Responsible for coordinating and leading efforts to distribute information about association activities and meetings to members and stakeholders within the Association’s service area and beyond.

Neighborhood Safety

Responsible for coordinating and leading efforts to deter crime and contribute to the safety of the community’s residents and property, including coordinating participation in the Town Watch program, establishing and maintaining relationships with the Philadelphia Police Department, and other community organizations.

Preservation and Development

Responsible for developing and leading efforts to maintain the historic character of the neighborhood, including providing property owners with information about the maintenance of older and historic buildings, evaluation of development proposals, participation in planning and zoning initiatives, and other issues affecting the physical environment of the neighborhood.

Other Committees

The Association encourages all neighborhood residents and stakeholders to be active participants in the life and improvement of our community and seeks to support the interests and initiatives of individuals and groups in the neighborhoods that will help fulfill the purposes of the Association.

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